(LEGS0001) 8" Table Leg Extenders

8" Table Leg Extenders
Set of 4

Our own design table leg extenders improve on a common method of raising tables. Two models raise most folding utility/banquet tables by 8". This height is ideal for most applications requiring a standing height table (approximately 8 inches). These extenders accommodate table legs up to 3/4" with the included foam insert or up to 1.25" without.

To raise tables with a cross support positioned 4 - 5" off the floor choose Model "A". For tables with a cross-support bar 12" above the floor*, choose Model "B".

Actual gain in height for tables with curved legs may vary but these extender sets usually work on bent leg and horse shoe shaped table legs.

Made of high strength PVC plastic with new black vinyl foot (not shown in picture on table), these extenders won't damage most floor coverings. Foam inserts help secure the extenders to the table legs for table placement and to prevent additional wobble. Simple to install with no tools required.

* Note: For tables with a 7" or higher cross-support bar, you may also use either of our adjustable extenders for greater flexibility!

8" Table Leg Extenders - On Table
8" Rise Table Leg Extenders

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8" Table Leg Extenders
Set of 4

  • Model "A"
    Tables with a 4" High Cross Support Bar
  • Model "B"
    Tables with a 12" High Cross Support Bar

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